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Francois GrobbelaarDear Donors, Stakeholders and FASfacts Ambassadors

On 09 September each year we observe International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day (FAS day) and we join together to take a stand to recognize and raise awareness about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and the plight of individuals and families afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Whilst FAS and FASD are growing concerns in our communities there are also many success stories due to the diligent work done by our community mentors through early intervention campaigns, and experimental learning and educational programmes, all which are managed by FASfacts in the Western Cape.

The prevalence of FAS and FASD is unfortunately increasing due to socio-economic pressures faced by those most vulnerable where alcohol is used as a means of escape. To extend our programmes and offer outreach to more beneficiaries within the affected communities, we desperately need your help to take our message further, be it via sponsorship, a partnership, or as a FASfacts ambassador.

For more information on FAS and FASD and how you can get involved, visit our website www.FASfacts.org.za and connect with us – join us and take hands to help us to protect our most important resource – our children.

With thanks,
Francois Grobbelaar
CEO and Founder

 The Julia Ruttell story - FASfacts Ambassador  

 Khuluma Ne Sizwe - Communication and Fundraising  

 FAS Day 2014  

 Photos from FAS Day 2014  


“The future of our country… Does not only lie within our mothers’ wombs… But also in the supporting hands of many… Mothers’, Fathers’, Families’, Community Leaders’… And yours…because in the end it takes a village to raise a child”


The Julia Ruttell story - FASfacts Ambassador

We are privileged to introduce Julia Ruttell, a remarkable young lady and UCT student who is both selfless and dedicated to a cause and has the courage of her convictions to drive her forward with a purpose to make a difference in the lives of those affected by FAS.

Julia had a rough start to University life (Bachelor of Social Sciences) and struggled to cope with the changes imposed on her going to study at UCT; suffering from inability to concentrate and retain information this lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.


Khuluma Ne Sizwe - Communication and Fundraising

Khuluma Ne Sizwe (Pty) Ltd has been appointed as the Communications and Fundraising division of FASfacts to help raise awareness of FAS and FASD.

Khuluma Ne Sizwe was formed out of a need to establish a sustainable funding process for select NGO's.

We appeal to you to help us in our endeavours to create awareness and much needed support by encouraging others to subscribe to our FASfacts newsletter or by pledging your support.