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December 2015
We speak on their behalf

2015 in review
Message from our CEO Francois Grobbelaar

FASfacts' theme for 2015 was 'Taking hands towards a FAS free society'.

FASfacts unequivocally accepts the responsibility to eradicate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in our communities and we call on role players from different ranks in society to take hands with us and strengthen our efforts. With this methodology we offer support and encouragement to each other with access to a pool of unique talents that can support our goals.

FASfacts wishes to thank everyone involved for their contribution during 2015 to help prevent FASD in South Africa and we sincerely acknowledge these efforts.

Without sustainable and adequate funding, our projects cannot be implemented or extended. With that in mind we want to acknowledge and pay tribute to each funder that invested in FASfacts during the past year. Your contributions make a definitive and positive difference in the communities where FASfacts programs are implemented.

I also want to acknowledge all FASfacts personnel, from admin to cleaning staff, field workers, female and male mentors – FASfacts could not fulfil its mandate to our at-risk communities without your selfless service. Each of you play a vital role in the prevention of this destructive disorder and we appreciate your individual contributions immensely.

We also thank our Heavenly Father for His continuous guidance, support and wisdom. We can intervene and offer support and training to those that are vulnerable but it is through mediation from above that people open their hearts and minds and take responsibility for their children.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and well-deserved break. We look forward to once again take hands in 2016 and strengthen our fight against Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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 2015 in review  

 Pregnant Women Mentoring Program Open Day  

 AgriSA congress  

 Meet our social workers  


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Pregnant Women Mentoring Program (PWMP)
2015 Open Day

Donate to our causeThe 4th Open Day of FASfacts Pregnant Women Mentoring Program was once again the highlight of the year. This special event was attended by the new pregnant mothers that participated in the project, as well as the women who acted as mentors to these moms during their pregnancy.

The event was well attended by FASfacts' donors and other stakeholders. We were honoured to have our Chairman of the Board or Trustees, Dr Lizahn Cloete, as our guest speaker. Dr Cloete is an Occupational Therapist and Lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch and a specialist on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Spectrum Disorders.

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Donate to our causeAgriSA 2015 Congress
'Geared for the Future'

With a strong focus on addressing social challenges that affect rural communities, AgriSA invited FASfacts to attend their 2015 Congress which was held in Pretoria. Francois addressed attendees of a parallel session on 'The role of women in the development of rural communities' on FASfacts' training and intervention programs on farms and called for partnerships to expand the programs in more farming communities.


Meet our Social Workers

Donate to our causeElmarie Schwartz

Born in Simondium near Paarl, Elmarie grew up in Wellington where she commenced her schooling. She completed matric at New Orleans Senior Secondary School in Paarl. Mother of three and grandmother to two little ones, Elmarie started her career at Correctional Services. Her love for people inspired her to obtain a BDIAC (Bachelor of Diaconiology) degree together with an advanced pastoral qualification. In June this year she joined FASfacts as senior social worker and this allows her to live out her passion. Elmarie's primary responsibility is the Pregnant Women Mentoring Program (PWMP) and she's responsible to empower community workers as mentors and train them to provide a lay counselling service.

'The feedback that I receive from our mentors is a huge indicator how necessary this program is in our community.'


Donate to our causeSudenne Jefhta

Sudenne grew up in Worcester as the eldest of three siblings and completed her schooling at Worcester Gymnasium High School. She has a definite passion for people and wanted to make a difference in her community – this led her to enrol in studies to become a social worker and she completed her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Western Cape in 2015.

Sudenne assists with the in-school BoB FAS training program and is also responsible for training, intervention and counselling services to mentors and pregnant women in Avian Park and Roodewal neighbourhoods in Worcester.